Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You All Veterans

Wednesday November 11th, 2009 - Orlando, FL

I’ve said it before and I meant it - one thing I never joke about is how much I appreciate my freedom as an American citizen. I may be a dented can in what’s seemingly becoming a dented country, but warts and all this is home. I don’t ever want to live anywhere else.

Veterans Day and the bloody price that was paid to allow me the freedom to air out my opinions, no matter how whacked out they may be to some people, has not been taken for granted - at least from me. My grandpa drilled it into me as a kid and it stuck. I appreciate every single day I live in this country, and I thank all those who sacrificed to make it so.

I’m the first one to speak out against all wars, but never against our Armed Forces who have risked and sometimes lost lives for generations because they’re doing exactly what a soldier is trained to do - follow orders. I respect how much they put on the line and I can’t honestly say I’d be able to be that courageous. They take it from theory right into reality.

On my airplane trip today the flight attendant gave a special thank you to all soldiers for Veterans Day and I started clapping along with about half of the rest of the plane. The guy in the seat next to me gawked my way like I’d just soiled my trousers, but I didn’t care. I did it louder and longer, and looked him square in the eye while doing it. He turned away.

I feel like such a loser sometimes. What the hell have I done to contribute ANYTHING in this life? Not too damn much, if anything at all. I’m not saying a person has to be a war hero or is nothing at all, but some kind of service to humankind should be a part of all our lives in my opinion. I’m trying to do what I can in life, but I feel completely insignificant.

I wish I could go do shows for the troops and contribute that way. I don’t care if they’re in Baghdad or boot camp, I could be doing more to pitch in a little. I guess I could look to be hired for some USO shows, but I have no idea who to contact about getting those gigs.

This week I’m in Orlando, FL to be on “The Morning Buzz” TV show. I was scheduled to be on Friday the 13th, but they were packed so I got bumped back to the 12th. That’s ok, I’m just glad to get the TV spot. That’s three in one year, and for me that’s a record. ONE was the record, so I’m not complaining at all, even though I’ll be losing money this week.

I’ll be able to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while and hopefully start getting gigs down here again. I haven’t worked Florida in way too long and this is the time of year for heading south. I’ll take it in the shorts this week but I think it will lead to more very soon.

In honor of the Vets I fasted the whole day and reflected about America and my life and how I can best use whatever time and resources I have left. Not that my lard ass not eating for a day will do anything for anyone, but it was my symbolic way of showing solidarity.

The more I think about others and their situations in life, the more I realize I’ve got a lot to be thankful for in my own. And I am. I’ll still complain, but never on Veterans Day.

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