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A Tucson Treat

Tuesday December 31st, 2013 – Tucson, AZ

   Another year bites it, but this one will stand out for the rest of my life. Like all years there were ups and downs, but the pleasant surprise ending was what will put it over the top and make it one for the ages. It has taken me to heights I have never experienced, and I see it only getting better.

  This was a major year of transition. I hit a big birthday, and also decided to move on from what I have been doing my entire adult life. That’s never easy, but in my case necessary. Doing what I have been for so long hasn’t produced the results I wanted, so continuing would be totally stupid.

   It’s not like I’ll never do another comedy club, but making it my only source of income would be about as smart as opening up a store in a mall that sells only typewriter ribbons and Betamax tapes. It isn’t what will sell now, at least not enough to make a living. I need to move forward.

   I’m looking at this trip as my farewell to comedy club tour – even if it’s only symbolic. I’ll get more comedy club bookings, and I’ll take them – but I know it’s not my long term future. I’ll be moving on to humorous speaking and more corporate type work, and that’s not a bad thing at all. It pays a lot better, and there’s a lot less work involved. There’s only one show vs. a club week.

   This will be a great way to go out, as I love working at Laffs in Tucson. First off, Tucson is an outstanding city. I’ve always loved it here, and if someone told me I had to move here I can’t say I’d have to think more than two seconds before coming up with an answer. There’s a lot to like.

   Second, I love the vibe at the club. Gary Bynum is the owner, and we’ve always hit it off. He’s a businessman first, and isn’t ashamed of it and shouldn’t be. He’s not a comedy lover per se, but knows that comedians are part of his product. I’ve never had a cross word with the guy and I find him refreshing. We’ve even had dinner the last couple of times I’ve been here and that says a lot.

   There aren’t too many club owners I have dinner with once much less multiple times. Gary has worked hard in his life, and is an excellent businessman. I respect him, and there’s no reason that I wouldn’t come back here. Is the money great? It is what it is for the times, and a deal’s a deal.

   I know my check won’t bounce here, and that’s huge in the comedy club business these days. It is full of hucksters and predatory scumbags, and working for a guy like Gary is always a positive experience. His son Casey is a good guy too, and he runs a lot of the day to day operational stuff.

   Another treat about working here is Gary Hood. “Hoodie” was a child actor, and has lived one of the most interesting lives of anyone I’ve ever met. You can’t help but love the guy, and he’s a pillar of the town. Everyone knows him, and when we go to places he’s the center of attention.

   Hoodie and I hit it off really well, so we hang out and talk comedy and entertainment stuff that Gary Bynum couldn’t care less about. It’s business and pleasure all in one, and that’s why I love it here. It’s a week off with pay, and this week was a vacation and recharge for the next chapter.

   We had two solid shows tonight, and I worked with Jason Resler and Matt Quick. They’re both good guys and very funny, and I can’t think of anything that could have made this week better.

Laffs in Tucson is one of my all time favorite comedy clubs. There's a lot to like.

They chose me to headline their New Year's Eve shows, and that's a compliment. I appreciate it very much.

Gary Hood aka 'Hoodie' was a child actor and has some of the most amazing stories I've ever heard. Everyone loves him here, and wherever we go he's the center of attention. He makes coming to Tucson a highlight in many ways.

Jason Resler and I worked together last time I was in town and we did again. He's a great guy and very funny, not to mention a huge baseball fan. We got along great onstage and off. Find his stuff on itunes, and tell him I told you to do it.

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