Monday, January 20, 2014

Pleasant Memories

Saturday January 18th, 2014 – Port Washington, WI

   I am experiencing a volcanic molten hot streak in life the likes of which I’ve never come close to, and I have to admit I’m loving every single second. I’ve been as low as low gets, but this isn’t it. It feels like I’ve finally found the way to turn my inner magnet around and I’m attracting good things rather than bad. I feel a noticeable turnaround and I want to remain plugged into it forever.

   Tonight was quite simply one of the most satisfying nights I have ever had. I was able to make a positive difference in the life of a total stranger, and headline a sold out show in a killer venue for a fantastic audience who got everything I did. Everybody had fun, and I’m still abuzz over it.

   Everything came together tonight, and the results were nothing short of electric. I had about as much fun as a live performer can have, and I rode the wave for more than an hour. I was able to find a groove within the first minute, and ride it the rest of the evening. This is how it should be!

   Tonight was the benefit comedy show at Memories Ballroom in Port Washington, WI for Tina Rose-Treskow. She is a long time employee of Memories, and was diagnosed with breast cancer while nursing her fourth child. She’s been going through super painful chemotherapy and tonight everyone came together to offer at least a little relief. There was a sold out house in attendance.

   Memories has been doing a monthly “Chicken Comedy” show for a couple of years which has become quite popular. They serve all you can eat broasted chicken that’s some of the best I have ever tasted, and follow it with a live standup comedy show hosted by Rob Haswell from the Fox 6 TV show “Real Milwaukee” that I was on yesterday promoting the show. It’s a well run event.

   The people show up to laugh, and they pay to get in which always helps weed out the babbling drunken idiots. Also, to owner Rolland Roebuck’s credit he demands that the shows are kept at a very respectable level. He hand picks the acts that perform, and we’re told what he expects of us.

   It’s no problem for me whatsoever, and once again I was able to go up and rattle the rafters for an audience that appreciated it. They were all from the Port Washington area, and that’s as close to Milwaukee as I needed. They got every last subtle reference and I gave them everything I had.

   After the show, people lined up to tell me how hilarious I was and buy CDs, DVDs and t-shirts – all of the proceeds going to Tina’s fund. How difficult is it to sit around and let people say how much they enjoyed my show? I thanked them all, and meant it sincerely. That’s as easy as it gets.

   What Tina is going through is the hell part. Yes, I sacrificed decades of sweat and hard work to get to the point of being able to pull off a killer show like this, but my suffering wasn’t anywhere near what Tina and her family are going through. If I was able to make them feel good, I’m glad.

    Before I was about to go on, Tina found me in the back of the room and gave me probably the biggest hug I’ve ever received. She had tears in her eyes and thanked me for “all that I did” as far as agreeing to do the benefit. I didn’t do anything other than what anyone with human feelings at all would know is just the right thing to do. I had the easy job tonight, and if I helped to make life even a little better for her I am thrilled. Donations can be made at

"Chicken Comedy" is a monthly event held at Memories Ballroom in Port Washington, WI.

Formerly known as 'Weiler's', Memories has been around for 80 years. Many big music acts played there including Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others. It's a local landmark.

Fox 6 Milwaukee's 'Real Milwaukee' host Rob Haswell also hosts the Chicken Comedy shows.

Former cop turned comedian Russ Martin came out to support the cause tonight and opened the show. Thanks Russ!

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