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Crashing In Roswell

Thursday January 2nd, 2014 – Roswell, NM/Texarkana, AR

   The ideal place for me to spend the first night of this year I’m going to devote to marketing and all that goes with it was Roswell, NM. It wasn’t directly on my way from Tucson to Chicago, but it was the closest I’d been in many years so I knew I had to stop. I want to become a regular here.

   I’ve passed through a couple of times before, but that was before I was the host of my own talk radio show called “The Mothership Connection” of which UFOs were a main topic. I have had a strong interest in all things outer space since I was a kid, and this is the place where it all started.

   Since the last time I passed through, I’ve become friends with Don Schmitt who is an authority on the subject and has written numerous books and articles on what went on in 1947 and beyond. The website has all the information and people can decide for themselves.

   What I love most about Roswell is how the town embraces the whole UFO culture and doesn’t back down. There are images of green aliens everywhere, even to the point of the street lights on Main Street downtown having alien heads on them. They get that it’s a great marketing gimmick.

   It doesn’t matter what anyone in the town believes or doesn’t, it keeps tourists coming back for an annual UFO convention every July and it’s hot for business. It doesn’t require extra terrestrial intelligence to just sit back and let the people show up, and that’s what they do. It’s not difficult.

   Although I had a lot of driving to do, I made time to take a walk through the International UFO Museum and Research Center in downtown Roswell. I honestly don’t recall if I was ever there or not on my last times through town, but I didn’t want to leave this time without making the effort.

   I’m very glad I did, as it’s an outstanding place that is well attended. I arrived right after they’d opened at 9am, and I wasn’t the first one there. There were a lot of people there before me, and it was well worth the $5 admission and then some. I knew immediately I made the correct choice.

   Not only is the museum itself utterly fascinating, there is also a library of UFO literature for all who care to read up on the subject in an adjacent room. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they are knowledgeable on the topic. I wish I could have spent more time, and I intend to very soon.

   On my way out, I passed a wall labeled “The UFO Hall of Fame”. On it was Don Schmitt and also Stanton Friedman, another guest I had on the radio show and got to meet in person. It was a kick to see them listed in the Hall of Fame, and in both cases it’s well deserved. They’re experts.

   I’d love to come back for the convention in July, and I’ve been meaning to attend for years. It’s right around the 4th which is traditionally a very slow if not the slowest week for standup comedy in the whole year. I’d love it if I had the opportunity to be part of the festivities at least one time.

   I couldn’t help but picture the King of Uranus as part of all this. There isn’t an entertainer that I can think of that is the spokesnut for this genre, and I’d love it to be me. I’d be the ideal ‘butt’ of jokes - pun fully intended.  I have a feeling I’ll see a lot more of Roswell much sooner than later.

Whether you believe it was extraterrestrial or not, SOMETHING crashed in Roswell in July of 1947.

I crashed there too, but only for the night. This was in front of the hotel where I stayed. Note the Green Bay Packer logo next to the address at the lower right.

It's proof from the universe that Uranus is behind the Packers!

The International UFO Museum and Research Center is well worth visiting if you are ever in Roswell, NM.

This is a street light in downtown Roswell. They get it. I love a town that has a sense of humor.

My friend Don Schmitt is an authority on all the events of Roswell and has a great book entitled "Witness To Roswell". He is in the UFO Hall of Fame and his picture is on the wall at the musuem. I'm impressed!

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